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TBS MicroVee 915MHz

TBS MicroVee 915MHz

MicroVee 915MHz Vee antenna for Crossfire receivers operating on FCC / Australian frequencies.

US$ 9.95

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Dipoles - the most simple and oddly enough the most common in the FPV antenna.
microVee-dipole - antenna with linear polarization, omnidirectional.
Despite their simplicity, these antennas are still mostly used in modern UAVs.They can be used with the same dipoles on the ground (or regular antennas that comes in the kit),  panel antennas, antennas such as "Yagi" and the rest of the linear polarization antennas. In contrast to the antennas of circular polarization dipoles smaller, it is easier to place on the carrier, they are less susceptible to deformations.


  • Each microVee antenna are individual tuned !
  • Reduction mustache provides antenna impedance of 50 ohms.


Gain 2,15dBi
Connector u.FL / IPX
Weight 2,6g
Cable Length 90mm
Frequency 915MHz(red)/868MHz(blue)

**Design is special for mount verticaly(for vertical polarisation)

US$ 9.95